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Quick start

Rivality is much about building military bases to become a mighty power in the game. In your bases you'll get to produce military units. With your military you can attack other members' bases to get more money and experience points. You might become the most powerful force in the game!

The most important functions in the game, which you will use the most, are "map" and "base" which are located in the menu at the top of the site.




If you click the base symbol you will see an empty space. This is the space where you will construct new buildings. When you construct new buildings other options will be revealed. If you build, for example, a factory you will be able to build tanks and other combat vehicles.

Initially you'll not be able to constuct all buildings in the game. That's because you're lacking money and/or XP.


On the map you will see the area where all the other membersí bases are located.

The symbol for your own bases.

The symbol that shows your enemies' bases. These bases pose a threat to your bases. The red bases are those that you later in the game will attack to increase extra in money and XP.

Shows the bases that you are allied with. In the beginning you won't see the symbol, but as soon as you join an alliance it will be revealed.

Next step! (Money and experience points)