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Oil wells

Just like in real battles, the one in control of natural resources will be the strongest. Rivality is no exception. To control oil wells may give you a strategical advantage in the struggle of dominating the world.

Oil well in the map

In various spots of the map there are oil wells. An oil well is an area where you are able to extract larger amounts of oil by constructing a special base, specialized in oil pumping.

When you have control of an oil well you are able to build up to four oil pumps connected by an oil pipeline to maximize oil production, and an oil tank that can be upgraded to level 25, as well as a production center from which you may transfer money to your other bases, without limits.

The oil well will give you a well needed economical boost.

The amount of oil in each well varies, but is always limited. When you conquer an oil well you'll find out exactly how much oil that is available to you. The amount is divided into five classes:

Class 1: Up to 500000 litres
Class 2: Up to 1000000 litres
Class 3: Up to 2000000 litres
Class 4: Up to 3000000 litres
Class 5: More than 3000000 litres

Conquer an oil well

Oil well that is controlled by another player

To conquer an oil well, attack it in normal mode with a general until the production center has been destroyed. When you attack an oil well without production center using a general, you will become the new owner, if you survive the attack of course.

The production center has only one level. If you are under new player protection, please notice that this will automatically expire as soon as you send an attack - oil well or normal base.

When you run out of oil in the well

When the oil well dries out, you are able to drill deeper to access more oil.
You can only drill one time after the oil runs out, and the drilling costs game credits.

When the well has dried out the second time, there is no more oil to get, but you may keep it if you wish. Remember, though that the number of bases you can have is limited, and an oil well counts as a base.