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Combat Soldiers armed with M16 Rifle caliber 5.56 mm. Excellent for use in close combat.
Cost: $20/Unit
Availability: Level 1 - Barrack
Required XP: 0
XP gain: 1

Arctic Warrior with AK-47

The arctic warrior is an expert in combat in harsh environments. With his good old AK-47 he makes a master in in the battlefield.
Cost: $50/Unit
Availability: Level 6 - Barrack
Required XP: 150
XP gain: 5

Soldier with AT-4

Soldiers equipped with the heavy grenade rifle AT-4 (Pansarskott m/86) caliber 8.4 cm. Effective mainly against armored vehicles.
Cost: $60/Unit
Availability: Level 10 - Barrack
Required XP: 200
XP gain: 5


Educated army medic, takes care of wounded soldiers in attacks. Only useful in the defense of the base.
Cost: $25/Unit
Availability: Level 5 - Barrack
Required XP: 300
XP gain: 2


The sniper is equipped with the heavy M82A1 rifle. Used for penetrating light armor, and is very effective against infantry at long distances.
Cost: $100/Unit
Availability: Level 15 - Barrack
Required XP: 500
XP gain: 10


The mercenaries can only be hired using VIP credits, and are ideal in situations when you can't afford the time to train new units. The mercenaries will show up the instant you hire them in a base of your selection. They are highly damage resistant and ideal in defending your base. They are also very effective against all types of ground units, and cheap in upkeep costs.
Cost: $0/Unit
Availability: VIP
Required XP: 500
XP gain: 0


High-class spy trained in the art of war. Sneaking up into the enemy base and then reports secret information on enemy troops and buildings.
Cost: $1500/Unit
Availability: Level 1 - Academy
Required XP: 1500
XP gain: 80

Soldier with Bofors RBS-70

Swedish manufactured Bofors RBS-70 is a competent air defense system, that is effective against low flying aircraft.
Cost: $120/Unit
Availability: Level 20 - Barrack
Required XP: 1500
XP gain: 15


Engineers are used to build new bases for you. (50 engineers needed to build one base).
Cost: $400/Unit
Availability: Level 5 - Academy
Required XP: 2000
XP gain: 20


The most educated and brightest within the army, the General. With a General, you can capture the enemies' bases.
Cost: $6000/Unit
Availability: Level 10 - Academy
Required XP: 7000
XP gain: 100

Humvee Jeep

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is a military four-wheel driven SUV equipped with armored chassis of hardened steel and panes of ballistic protection glass.
Cost: $70/Unit
Availability: Level 1 - Factory
Required XP: 200
XP gain: 6

Sheridan light tank

M551 Sheridan is a big tank with a M81E1 ribbed 152 mm cannon, 9 MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles, 7.62 mm M240C machine guns and 50 caliber M2 Browning 12.7mm machine guns. Fast and smooth tank. Used primary in conflicts in an urban environment.
Cost: $100/Unit
Availability: Level 5 - Factory
Required XP: 400
XP gain: 6

Gepard AA

Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard is your enemy aircraft's worst nightmare, but is useless against ground troops. Armed with two 35 mm Oerlikon cannons kDa. Has its own radar to rapidly locate enemy air.
Cost: $150/Unit
Availability: Level 10 - Factory
Required XP: 800
XP gain: 15

M1A1 Abrams Heavy tank

Heavy tank great against infantry. Armed with a 120mm M256 cannon, a 12,7mm M2 machine gun and two 7,62mm M240 machine guns.
Cost: $200/Unit
Availability: Level 10 - Factory
Required XP: 1000
XP gain: 10

S.A.M. Launcher

Surface to Air Missile launcher is the ultimate air defense. Capable of launcing 24 hellfire missiles in a row.
Cost: $200/Unit
Availability: Level 15 - Factory
Required XP: 1500
XP gain: 15


HOWITZER 77 is a 15.5 cm piece can shoot heavy shells long distances. Big and clumsy, not suited for close combat but is used to bombard your enemies from afar.
Cost: $5000/Unit
Availability: Level 20 - Factory
Required XP: 5000
XP gain: 50

AS 550 Fennec

Light European military chopper equipped with gatling guns. Excellent and cheap defense against infantry.
Cost: $250/Unit
Availability: Level 1 - Airfield
Required XP: 2000
XP gain: 10

AH-64 Apache

Boeing AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter made primarily for ground attack against such as soldiers and tanks. Safe in the defense of bases / troops in the war.
Cost: $500/Unit
Availability: Level 5 - Airfield
Required XP: 3000
XP gain: 15

Jas 39 Gripen

SAAB 39 Gripen, the Swedish Air Force described the JAS 39 Gripen as a hunting / attack / reconnaissance aircraft equipped with DWS39, GBU-12 bombs and 27 mm Mauser BK automatic
Cost: $1000/Unit
Availability: Level 10 - Airfield
Required XP: 4000
XP gain: 15

F-117 Stealth Bomber

Magnificent bomber that is difficult to detect and fast. Armed with the BLU-109 bombs, GBU-10 Paveway II, GBU-27 and missile AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM.
Cost: $2000/Unit
Availability: Level 20 - Airfield
Required XP: 6000
XP gain: 20