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The barrack allows you to recruit soldiers of various kinds.

Oil pump
Gather oil from the ground to sell in the refinery.

Oil refinery
Refines the oil you have gathered, so that you are able to sell it.

The Administration is needed to plan your defense, send troops, money and much more.

Guard tower
Guard Towers help to defend your base when the enemy is approaching.

With a fence powered with 35,000 volts you'll have a great protection against ground units.

A factory allows you to produce powerful tanks and fighting vehicles.

Bank vault
The vault protects your bases' money against looters. The amount that can be protected increases with the building level.

Oil tank
The oil tank stores all your gathered resources. Higher level means larger storage.

With a radar, you can see incoming attacks from enemies.

Train special units like spies, generals and engineers in this building.

Used to produce and deploy aircraft and helicopters.