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Terms and conditions

In order use and have access to the different services of Rivality the below simple terms needs to be approved. When register and playing at Rivality you are approving these terms.

The administrator has the sole right to terminate user accounts without prior notice. Thus, Rivality, has the right to decide what is appropriate and not and may cancel a user account in order to keep a friendly atmosphere along with an overall functional website.

Rivality is not giving any guarantees for functions on neither the site nor the servers' uptime percentage. Lost information on the site is not compensated in any way. However, Rivality, is putting a lot of efforts in reassuring that appropriate action are taken to keep the site safe and secure. Terms and conditions can be changed; the user is therefore requested to check regularly if any new conditions apply.

Rivality is free to play. However, some services are available at a low cost as premium services. In order to use these services, the user must be of legal age of such purchase(s) or have his or her guardian's permission to carry it out. Payments done via fixed or mobile phone (SMS) must be approved by its holder prior to purchase. It is the users' responsibility that such an approval has been given prior to purchase.

Rivality has no obligation to compensate or notice users due to changes/problems that can occur in conjunction to using the service. Rivality does not need to seek approval from users when changing the service. Rivality has furthermore the right change/remove a service that its users have bought without prior notice.

If Rivality would terminate its premium services, all credits will become non-refundable. User account that are not active, logged in within the last 50 days, might get terminated, including not used paid credits. Rivality can not be held responsible for any issues regarding payments for services nor usage.

Finally, we do care about our users - free or premium, no difference and we'll do everything in our power to create the best user experience possible, 24-7, rest assure!